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Sunday, July 19, 2009

19 July 2007

Ok, so this thing I promised in my last post to write a summary of each month, kind of didn't work. Here I am half a year later, with nothing posted in the meantime. But life is not about posting on your blog is it?!
It's been quite an eventful time - and that's the reason writing has not been at the top of my list. I have gone quite a tough time at the job I started in November with big hopes about a lifelong career. After disappointments as regards the tasks I got, which were not what I had agreed to do when I signed the contract, I decided to quit after 8 months. Feeling superflous is extremely stressful! And stress, as we all know, can have real physical effects on health and wellbeing - something which happened to me - despite not feeling stressed at all at work. It was the stress of not having anything meaningful to fill me working days with, which caused an inflammation and loads of pain as well as numerous visits doctors and different medical examinations!
Given the recession (which the institutions here are blessed not being affected by), I was very lucky to be able to go back to the position in the private sector which I had before. Thank God! Now I begin regaining my professional confidence and feel that what I do is meaningful and that our members appreciate what I do during working hours. Ok, work is work, but after all is what you spend 8 hours, or so, a day, doing - so it must make sense to me! Quitting means that I lose 600 Euros a month and lots of other advantages - but it's totally worth it! There are so many people who get stuck in a 'Golden cage', from which they can't get out without selling their house and changing their lifestyle. I don't want to lose my freedom, even if I sit in a Golden Cage!