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Friday, July 25, 2008

25 July 2008

Some things in life are just beautiful. Simple. But at the same time so harsh you don't want to believe it's happening. One of the words I think best describes so many aspects of life is bittersweet.

Things that make you cry but also, at the same time, make you believe in humanity and the beauty of it all.

The story of this boy and girl, Reece and Elleanor caught my attention, it stood out from all other news two days ago. And despite not knowing them, their story is so beautiful so I want remember it and that's why I share it with you here, dear readers.

This 8 year old boy Reece had leukemia and his last wish was to marry his best friend Elleanor who he loved so dearly. While Elleanor agreed to fulfil his wish, her mother acted priest in the livingroom. Reece was dressed up in his best shirt, gave Elleanor a red rose and they exchanged rings...

After the ceremony Reece went into his room, calmly went to bed and told his mum that 'he could now continue'. The day after he died, after having struggled against the cancer for over half of his life.

My first thought was how beautiful, but my second thought concerned the little girl: What impact could this possibly have on her in the near and distant future?

My third thought was that if she agreed to do such a beautiful thing, it must be out of love for her friend. Such an action is pure love and I honestly believe that Elleanor already at the age of eight has done something which most people dont dare: To please a loved one, knowing you will be badly hurt yourself.

That's unconditional love.