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Saturday, July 30, 2011

30 July 2011

We spent this year's summer holidays on L'ile de Beauté - Corsica! Two weeks of pure natural beauty, peace and harmony!

After 6 hours on Corsica Sardina Ferries, from Nice to Calvi - I was extremely glad to arrive safe and sound. I don't particularly enjoy going by boat, and especially not when it's windy. On the crossing I hardly managed to walk to the bathroom, nor swallow any piece of food. It was rather windy. And rather large waves. But I survived.

Corsica made a strong impression on me and I'm already so much looking forward to going back! Nature is extremely pure and high mountains meet the coast. Beaches are amazingly pretty, we visited some beaches in natural reserves where we first could swim in the sea and then wash of the saltwater in a sweet-water lagoon (with cows looking at us - they roam on several beaches). Many beaches have very white sand and most beaches have Caribbean turqoise water... It's so much more exotic that I ever imagined...

The reason we went to Corisca is that we fell in love with the food at the Corican resto "Campoloro" here in Stockholm. The food there is simply outstanding and our tastebuds were longing for more. And we were not disappointed!

I love good food.

Good food can totally make your day. Lift your spirits and make you connect to the beauty in life! We decided to have a large budget for gastronomy - so every night we tried different restos - with a starter, main dish and desert. Such a luxury!

Even if my place on earth is the beach, I was touched by the gorgeous Corsican inland. We spent 2 nights in Valleé de la Restonica, close to the town of Corte - the purity and of the mountains and nature energized us. Like an injection of Vitamin C. Nature's power on the senses is amazing! Imagine... walking along this river, dipping your warm hiking-toes into this water:


The ferycrossing back to Nice was as calm as could be. When we where about one hour from Nice, dolphins approached us and swam along, jumping up and down in the water... I hope we'll see them next time too.


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